King of the Fish Sticks

Design by Chimaera Wear

King of the Fish Sticks by Chimaera Wear on Threadless
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Chimaera Wear
Chimaera Wear profile pic Artist

Well, I love fish sticks and I love feeling fancy. It's as simple as that.


hehehehehe... o.k this one is cool and funny!! :)

Chimaera Wear
Chimaera Wear profile pic Artist

Sorry Jojolo, I don't mean to sound rude, but, uh...WHAT?! haha, I'm so confused.

ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Alumni

hey there! nice touch!

Funny jojolo said the same thing in my submission..What color is that tee btw


well this has to print right


yeah. reminds me of the bunnies cartoon

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Love the drawings and the background to the scene and the joke is amusing, but it's a bit too much reading for a non-type-tee to convey the message for a t-shirt i feel. I like your stuff and please keep submitting or find a different way maybe to convey all of the text, maybe shortening the king's speech to, "All is not safe in the fish stick kingdom!" or something.


They remind me more of fried cheese sticks, but I love it anyway and would buy it!!!

I think what Jojolo is trying to say is that she speaks Spanish and therefore doesn't know what the tee says. ???

John Holland

What FrickinAwesome says...


i love all of yours


talking turds


like the idea and the fishsticks


I agree with FrickinAwesome's comment.

If it were altered this way, I would buy four; my kids would laugh for days with this one.

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