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i agree. Good illustration.guess that's all i have to say...


the star and the jolly rogers seem forced



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thanks for the comments everyone.
there isn't an ounce of halftone in this design, all edges are 100% crisp but i must admit the skull does have a feathered appearance. i think it's because i left a tiny sliver of space between the light gray colour of the stripes and the black of the skull. if you look closely you can see what i'm talking about.

thanks again all, all comments are much appreciated.


oh man in pink!! I loveeeee it <3


Yeah, blend the Jolly Roger in a little bit more, I guess, and it might look even better.
I really like the design... Looks like an anime-robot-bee or something. Heh.
I like it on both colours, good job picking them.

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skull - no print
no skull - print


The concept is reflected in the title : " killerB "
( killerB = killer bee )
The skull in the design reflects the concept quite well.

My concern is that the skull image is too strong by being
so dark compared with the rest of the image. It draws more
attention than the design as a whole. Maybe make the
skull more subtle by making it white with grey outline.

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