Kidney Greens

Design by Ste7en

Kidney Greens by Ste7en on Threadless
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Ste7en profile pic Artist

This design is an exploration of the t-shirt as a medium. It is really the (one of the?) only medium(s) where the art is expected, and welcome to be touched, so I tried to use specialty inks in a way that enhanced and worked with the design on this unique canvas.

I also tried my best to alleviate what would ultimately become a very heavy weight print, by breaking up large areas of color, using distress, water based inks, and the tee shirt's own green color instead of another green ink. Hope you enjoy.


kind of gross... but obviously awesome!


Well done, but not for me

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This design breaks free of all the sand traps and water hazards of an "inside the body on top of your shirt"'s an amazing exploration of like-minded shapes that are really something else entirely when you focus in instead of looking at the whole like most of Ste7en's pieces, but there's something more playful about this one. The bridge going between the lung water ponds is especially inspiring. love the ideas of all those inks, I'd tee up for this being printed normally or super-awesome-happytime-enhanced!


Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

great indeed. Gold heads will love this.. as I do!


slaterock on Aug 14 '08
i think this is great! $5.

Me too!

herky profile pic Alumni

terrific concept and use of specialty inks

steven218 profile pic Alumni

nice job steveo

staffell profile pic Alumni

I think this is a great idea. Needs moar love. 5

staffell profile pic Alumni

also, lol@ gold heads

olie! profile pic Alumni

really nice idea!
Is that green shirt color in the template, though? I would have loved to use that color for some past shirts. . .

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Very clever!

Luke... profile pic Alumni

very fun.

I also have an affinity to little cartooney-map-worlds like this.

d3d profile pic Alumni

looks cool. i love a well tended green. somebody should build this for real.


Good stuff. Nice to see someone actually giving a damn about their submission. $5 all the way


Man, Ste7en, way to bring your game!

The use of the different inks really help out with this
design. At first a viewer will notice the body organ
shapes and then they'll notice it's a golf course, and
then they'll notice that the various textures of the design
on the shirt actually match a golf course. You'll be
jolting viewers 3 times with this cool design. Excellent
work on this!

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