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Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist

The story between Moon and Sun.


Wow. That is freaking amazing. I love the "shadowed" look to this, for lack of a better word. Definitely a $5 from me.


oh wow

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

I want this one! $5


I really like the illustration style of this. Very cool. I wish the sun was more characterized like the moon, but still great.


Awesome concept and love the simple graphic style you chose to execute it!

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist

Thanks all for the comments, the glow ink are optional. Keep voting :)

dacat profile pic Alumni

Great one FM, like the moon character a lot $5


Fantastic concept and execution 5$


i love the style of this-it reminds me of a linocut print. i agree with the people who say the sun should be more like the moon guy style, but still so great!


Love it, with or without glow. Although it would be cool if the sun were more detailed, I'm not sure you could do it with the size you've got - and a bigger cage would diminish the overall effect. I think it is fantastic. $5.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Sweeeet glow!


Does the cage glow?

Anyway, there is just a bit too much glow for me. Perhaps you could keep the clothing of the moon-man plain white and save the glow for face arms and legs.

Neon Samurai

Normally not a fan of glow stuff but this is ace. 5.

BubuSam profile pic Alumni

Love it! $5


Haha, WarDrobeInSpareOom...the McDonalds moon man creeps me out, but I LOVE this shirt, especially that it glows! I'd totally wear this. $5
I like the face of the sun the way it is, not too much like the moon, because it almost shows how the sun is smaller & inferior to the moon in this situation because he's caged...if that makes!
I hope it gets printed; good luck! :)


No glow please ! I actually thought this was tim-burton halloween-esque. I still think the sun looks like a pumpkin so the story is a bit lost on me....maybe add a little yellow to it?

But I MUST HAVE this shirt and would buy it as-is.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Looks good on the shirt!


very creative. (:

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist

Thanks for all great comments so far :)


WOW! Absolutely stunning! $5

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

nice! 5$


Wowy! I LOVE the woodcut feel and hope you will edit the sun to match this style... I'd then definitely buy!


;-) me gusta mucho en la oscuridad. 55


i like thos alote great work!..


really special !
I am terrorized ;)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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Spectacular, haunting work on this one. From the faces on both captured and tormentor, it is a fine fine idea made all the more amazing by how the moon, not the sun, glows in the dark with the ultimate in light release.


Kojima profile pic Alumni

This is good design, FM. Print him again. Come on! I want him to win the $10,000 Bestee again!


I love the old German woodcut style.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Moon Man is cool- I think added visual interest could be added to the sun (which is hard to decipher it being a sun at first glance) with extending the rays beyond it's cage. I'm also not a fan of the glow ink...but that's just me.


I like that the sun is understated. There are plenty of designs on this site featuring "happy smiling" suns. Let the moon have his day!!

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist

Thanks all for voting :)


the MoonMan has a nice Jim Woodring feel to it

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