Kid Roger

Design by adam antium

Kid Roger by adam antium on Threadless
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It really works good in most of T-Shirt colors. And the golden tooth... well, I think it would be better if it were placed in the second tooth from left to right, in the upper part.

$5 for the ones I like.

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This goes really well on a t-shirt, it really looks like a graphic tee that I would actually buy if I found it in a store. The tooth idea is really cool too, plus it makes more business for threadless.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

i think this is a real contender to win dude.

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Artist

thanks everyone! :)

let's hope, Blair! ;)


Really like this, I prefer it on the black with white print but great design regardless of my tastes! ha ha

DRO72 profile pic Alumni



Haha!! Love the idea!! Great job!

Gums. profile pic Alumni

Like it $5

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Great logo design and line work.

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