Key of life

Design by Kleiner

Key of  life by Kleiner on Threadless
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I do!


hmm! lovely design...

pesonally, i think that there's too many colour choices... keep it simple. for a design like this, i'd love to see it on more neutral colours, not really bright ones... 1st two and 2nd/3rd last two in the first row, 1st two in the second row, and all of the 3rd row.

the green, orange and purple just look awkward for such a design...

high fours all around!


one of the best ive seen in a long time


i gotta say this is awesoem and i'd for sure buy it. I like it in purple alot too... which is kinda embarassing to say but hey! lol. I'd buy it in purple to so shove it! =). All the colors are pretty cool though... so it would be hard to choose =(

Ava Adore

very nice

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

are you also the guy over at deviantart? i've seen themes like these and they are stunning (silhouettes with floating soil thingie)


to Kleiner :

I think removing the keyhole from
the stone is a good idea. The image
doesn't give enough info to get excited
about seeing a rock get unlocked.



Please, Threadless, have a heart..!!! Print this one, and I'll bake you cookies!


$5... good luck.

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