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I think it's a bit too small on the shirt, it would be nice as a very large design, imo. The colors are very nice!


I so love your comments on other designs mjoo and as a dog walker I'm always looking for clever dog shirts and I love this, make it bigger please?


I actually think I'd like it better without the text. But still, very nice!


Not sure if it's just me, but the cane looks like it's balancing under the dogs chin rather than being in his mouth. I'm not exactly sure how that could be fixed though, as that's likely how it should look. Overall good design, not a color shirt I'd wear though.


No, not bigger.

Smallish = restrained, aristocratic, etc.

As it is, it's perfect.


I don't think anyone that doesn't own a dog would give a damn about this shirt.

Half the people in the US own dogs and I have plenty of non-dogowning friends who would like the design even if they didn't necessarily buy the shirt.


the cane looks like it's balancing under the dogs chin rather than being in his mouth.

Hmmm, that's bugging me now, lol. The flews (top lips) would actually drape further to the sides if the dog (looks like a Weimaraner?) were holding it in his mouth.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

very interesting!


this is cute, i like it a lot.


It reminds me of really old people

mj00 profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments, everyone. Special thanks to Cantatus and barriebarrie, because you guys are completely right about that cane. I just checked it by putting a stick in my dog's mouth (which, admittedly, I really should have done in the first place).


i really like the cross hatching

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