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Keeping It Real

Design by aled

Keeping It Real


jrmasm profile pic Alumni

that's great. nice run with your designs lately. top quality.

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

yellow is the killer and i like the perspective angle of your illustration and idea, welldone!! super $5 always!!!

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

The plumber uniform!! Haha, nice details with the hat and all!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

awesome idea

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

I remember seeing this in teh blogs and thought it was great and I still do

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

the asscrack is pure awesome





please print this!

dacat profile pic Alumni

You've got the best sense of humor, great execution as usual! $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Can you be any more Threadless's new clown prince of smart visual punnery? Awesome Merio shirt, even though you might wanna make him a bit plumper and perhaps a small powerup from Mario on the floor just to give another light touch to the proceedings, like a big black hammer taken from the Hammer Brothers, or a small gold coin? I know you wanted to go for total realism, so it probably wouldn't do for your design. 4$ any way i can get it tho! Great job!

artdrops profile pic Alumni

great illo fatheed!


The hat looks like its floating next to the countertop, rather than sitting on top.


i need this shirt!!! 5$$$$ that's a rap people!! to the printers...


omafugginagodda! my cracka! she so white-a!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

fuck that is clever!


I like it.


Great! I'm a real fan of your recent submissions. I like it best on yellow too.


At first, I thought it was a lame excuse to get a plumber's crack on a shirt. Then, looked in the upper left corner and couldn't stop laughing. VERY brilliant idea. I guess this is what happens when the princess saving is in the off season...

Very clever. $5, fo' sho!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

this WILL print. This is the next Dark Side of the Garden


Clever and brilliantly executed. $5


Haha... This has to be a print! Your work of late has been top class fatheed! $5

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Haha this reminds me of this! Nice!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Urbanraptor's pirahana plant idea is boffo! Just ONE more subtle Mario-esque element is needed before i 5$ all over this one!

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

HA! Great!! 5

mezo profile pic Alumni

ASStounding work- especially on the perspective! 5$


haha! this is funny!


Nice... but I'm bothered that there is no sink, which is what he must be working on. His hat is visible, as is a line indicating the far side of the counter... but there is no sink. As well, given the high angle perspective on the rest of the image, the perspective on the hat is off. And why does the hat cast a shadow, but nothing else does?

Great concept though.

aled profile pic Artist

I did put a sink in one of my versions, but I took it out because I believed it to be superfluous. I only wanted a suggestion of the counter top to aid the eye, and to sit the hat on. If there is popular demand for a sink, I can post a version in this blog that shows it, but like I say - I didn't think it necessary, given that I thought it was obvious what he was doing. Don't give me a bad score just because there's no sink! That can be rectified if deemed necessary. Also - The light source is overhead and slightly to the right - Other than the hat; the counter casts a shadow, a shadow is cast in the creases of his clothes, the doors are shaded, and the floor is too light/reflective to cast a shadow of any significance. I let the hat hang off the counter so that it would cast a larger shadow, to give it more importance in the illustration. Kinda like underlining it. Its a shame you think the perspective of the hat is off - it is a quite harsh three-point perspective, and the hat is raised at the front and tapers off so it might was always going to look a bit funny. I hope that responds to your concerns :)


I didn't give you a bad score. ;) I think the issue for me is the line indicating the far side of the counter... if the "eye" can resolve that, then where'd the sink go? If there's a suggestion of the far side of the counter, there should be a suggestion of something in between. Plus sink=plumbing, so it signifies that he's not rooting around in a random cupboard, therefore it wouldn't be superfluous at all.

I think that's what's making the hat perspective feel off too. If my "eye" can resolve the hat, then why can't it resolve the sink that should exist in the same plane (at least at the forward edge of the counter)? The receding planes of the sink would define the plane of the hat and make it seem less like it's stuck on a flat (perpendicular to the viewer) surface.

Anyhoo, I'm making it out to seem like a bigger deal than it is, since folks dig it minus the sink. It just bothers me and I had to explain why, but I am only one person.

Do you have a link to the other versions, out of curiousity?

aled profile pic Artist

Yeah, will flickr it a bit later and link it. I appreciate your thoughts :)


I gave it a 5$ for the sink! It's probably a winner as it is.


This makes my day!


It is pretty cool - it took me a while to realize that it was Mario. Maybe put the hat in a place where it's more obvious, or add something else Mario-themed to the picture. Maybe I'm just slow, though... :)

aled profile pic Artist

Haha - Yes, coincidence. I looked at that when Kaloyster linked it earlier. A lot of the 'sketches' on that PBF made me laugh, but I had no idea it existed before today. I don't see any notable similarity to be honest. I got the idea from scribbling down concepts in my sketchbook! :)


Oh goodness. With the sink it's even better if that was even possible. $5

sonmi profile pic Alumni

Moserary on Mar 20 '07
It is pretty cool - it took me a while to realize that it was Mario. Maybe put the hat in a place where it's more obvious, or add something else Mario-themed to the picture. Maybe I'm just slow, though... :)

i think the hat is in a good location right now. design-wise, things tend to be read top-bottom, left-right, so the top left corner works as a good center of focus.

aled profile pic Artist

Thanks guys. Seeing as there is a lot of sink love, here is the link again because the last one is buried under new comments. Please rate is as though it were the 'with sink' version if thats the one you prefer - and if it is, please leave a comment to say as much.


Please continue to comment either way! Thanks again.


lol, amazing


I'ma keepa looking ina heres!


Why is he getting undressed? It makes me feel's not natural

I understand that Mario wears overalls, but if you gotta show crack, you really can't have him wearing overalls.

And let me be the 500th person to say that it needs a sink. If there's no sink what the heck would a plumber be doing with his head in the cabinet?

Wow, that sounded negative. I really do love this, like I love all your stuff (especially the eagle stealing the kid).

aled profile pic Artist

He's not really 'getting undressed'. He's just taken his overalls off his shoulders, which is not actually that strange a thing to do! The sink is a done deal. Just imagine that it's part of the proposed design. I appreciate your thoughts and your support ! :)


I know he isn't getting undressed, but there just doesn't seem to be any real motivation for him to have his overalls half off unless he's intentionally showing some crack.

I always thought Mario wore overalls so that he would be immune to plumber's crack. That's what makes him a hero!



Hey, don't get me wrong. I'll still buy it if they print it.


It was too hot under the sink, so he unbuttoned his overalls. That's also why he took off his hat.


I'm soooo gonna buy it!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

OCandCO on Mar 21 '07
Could you make a third version with the sink AND ass hair? I mean really... you think Mario doesn't have ass hair?!?!

Haha I agree!

Raise your hand if you want CHUNKY ASS HAIR!!!


LOL! You're all about "ass hair", but "chunky ass hair"? That crosses the line. ;)


I love this. This shirt is... well, ITSA SUPER! I agree that a green pipe just peeking out would just be great. I would buy this is a heart beat. $5 no question.
Oh, by the way Travioli-"*begins to slow clap" made me laugh out loud at the office.


I don't think you need the sink to tell it's a plumber, you need it because why would he fix a pipe that wasn't connected to anything?


Coverall straps dig into your shoulders when you're hunched over. Of course he'd undo them. Plus he'd be gettin' all sweaty in there and need to air things out.


Love it my friend.
Keep up the good work!! $5


This needs to be printed 5$


It's great, but I probably wouldn't buy it unless the design were changed to omit the overalls. They're very distracting and hard to make sense of....


great shirt :D

aled profile pic Artist

Thanks guys. OldCircleEyes - someone has already shown me that pbf comics link already. Its quite funny, but not really anything to do with this design.


With our without the sink, it's outstanding. You're one of the very best artists here, no doubt about it.

Jebs profile pic Alumni

ahahah! i LOVE your stuff man (espcecillay your last ones, and yes, i already have told you that a few days ago...) 5$


I'm pretty sure italian guys are hairy than that...

aled profile pic Artist

Thanks for the $4, but the perspective is fine - its just so harcsh, that it benefits from the sink which is here.


Clever. Good one.


oooo yeah.......a green pipe would work well. Very nice design!

jalidd profile pic Alumni


Jebs profile pic Alumni

wow! 3.08....that's brutal, and bound to be printed? hope it for you ;-)


gee, you think this is going to get printed? uhhh...all signs point to "most likely" congrats fatheed

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

damn, there needs to be a designer watch button, it alerts you every time a certain designer submits something. Well count me in for a purchase or 3.

aled profile pic Artist

It's been mentioned already - and the answer is still no. That wasn't the inspiration :-)


This design has to get printed, 3.08 like c'mon thats a sick score!

Jebs profile pic Alumni

ahah Fatheed, you are the new star of Threadless, 2 prints in two weeks!!! Congrats, evenb if i don't know you, i thought that you deserved it, and you seem to be a very nice enjoy!!!!

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