Karatemo Kid

Design by kooky love

Karatemo Kid by kooky love on Threadless
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i like this alot!

herky profile pic Alumni

this is great stuff, clever concept and cool character.


This is a cool illustration. I wish people would realize that the contest is about "Cheer Up Emo Kid" and most likely will involve some kind of emo person, animal, or spiritual being.

Then hopefully after the contest the emo ideas will come to a stop.

huebucket profile pic Alumni

this is so badass!! $5

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist
1 design submitted - Score Now!

thanks guys for the support


love the concept....

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

love this t-shirt $5

Luke... profile pic Alumni

a kung fu punch of awesomeness to my face


nice illustration! i like the texture in the background

Jemae profile pic Alumni
2 designs submitted - Score now!

=) 5$!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Do you see all of that off-white stuff happening in the background? That's the only part of this design I like. I mean, your karate dude is cute and wonderfully rendered....but too cute/cartoony for me. And the razor doesn't match any of the other styles. Oh, but I also DO like that red ink on the shirt color shown. That is the hawt.

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