Karate Mans II

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sainttomn profile pic Artist

7 Colors design. Product of old country premier electroveedeeo games systems.

Karate Mans 2 is sequel to Karate Mans 1 and Fighting Street Man! Is #1 best fight game, until Turbo Laser karate Mans 2 is made BY US!

You buy it to cover torso!

sainttomn profile pic Artist

Wow, I didn't think Threadless would approve this, let alone on a Saturday.

I know its silly, but let's try and print it, shall we? I should mention that the characters are edits of sprites from Pitfall on Atari.

Comments are more than welcome.


Sweet! I really like any pixel art- 5 What program did you use-MS Paint?



sainttomn profile pic Artist

Haha! Thanks everyone. It was indeed created in MS Paint. :)

Any feedback of the negative variety?

Gabrielng profile pic Alumni

nice work!

Fievel the Mouse

"You buy it to cover torso"? That is absolutely hilarious, and worth of my 5 alone.

sainttomn profile pic Artist

Thanks again, everyone.

I like that it says "mans." I was sort of going for those awesome typos we used to get when they localized a game in the US. For example "All your base are belong to us" or "You spooney bard!"

It's silly, I admit, but at least it will cover your torso?


love colors choose )

sainttomn profile pic Artist

I'm kidding. :)

I see the similarities, between my design and the far superior "Ryu Plays the Piano" design. Does it remind you of it in a good way or a bad way?


In soviet Russia, torso covers you!


Hey, as the nerd I am, I really digg this design! Totally cool!

sainttomn profile pic Artist

Thank you again, my friends. I appreciate your constructive and/or humorous comments. :)

I have so much fun with the scoring process. I feel like a used car salesman.

"Hey, kid! What do I have to do to put you in this shirt today?"


This is really really awesome. So stupid simple, looks like it was done in paint (which fits the style perfectly). I love it, I want it. PRINT IT!

sainttomn profile pic Artist

Last day BUMP! Comments and scores please. I might be biased, but you should probably give this $5. :)

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