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Thomas S Magnum
Thomas S Magnum profile pic Artist

"Kakoi" means "cool" "fresh" and stuff like that in japanese. (Better: That's what a friend from Shizuoka told me days ago...)
A simple words game, K4KOI.
"K" for "Koi".
Koi is japanese word for Carp. Yes, I'm sure about this.
Well...let's vote! ^^


Really really like! Very well styled! Maybe I'll tell people the Kakoi story maybe I'll jst tell them it's my initial....5$


I love koi, and this t-shirt! Though if you could choose a different t-shirt color, I think the design would really stand out.


i feel the same as orangeradiokitty... not big on the k, but otherwise quite nice and well done


what do the kanji in the bottom corner mean?

Thomas S Magnum
Thomas S Magnum profile pic Artist

I've tried it with "kakoi" instead of the "K" and I've seen Cheery Danica is righy, the design loose its balance.
@Mulberry: the kanji in the bottom is a signature from an old postcard.
Thx all! (I'm going to try a chinese phenix now...;) )

Thomas S Magnum
Thomas S Magnum profile pic Artist

Thx all, I'm trying to modify it with your suggestions, maybe I'll post another version soon...


same as Alexandra above.


same as Alexandra above.

Thomas S Magnum
Thomas S Magnum profile pic Artist

Uhm...it seems that the "K" has not been a great idea...

The Ending

lol lose the K. echo...... echo..... echo..... echo......


romaji = kakkouii or kakkoii

other than that.. i liek the "rusty" or "aging metal" look to the drawing. :)

Thomas S Magnum
Thomas S Magnum profile pic Artist

thx Jim!
@Ueno: so with 2 k? -_-'...I'm workin on a new version, maybe with a different name, without the "K" as almost everybody wants ;)
thx all for the feedbacks!


yes and 2 I's :P

it would be nice to have more of that blue filter color thing at the bottom as well so it'll look more balanced.. since youre making a new version :)

also, it helps if you submit it to critiques sections first so you dont have to keep reworking it when it was already submitted as a design :P

Thomas S Magnum
Thomas S Magnum profile pic Artist

yeah I know, critique would have been the best choice...I've to talk with my friend from Shizuoka again _
anyway, the name of the next version will be..."Kois R Us"...how about it? (just a name, the design will be almost the same without the "K")


I love it, probably would buy it, very pretty and unique. tho I am kinda biased toward the letter 'K'


perfectly placed! perfect colors! 5$

Square Bob

I like the design very nicely done, personally i'd rather have it tattooed on my arm though.

mezo profile pic Alumni

You certainly have caputed the beauty and elegance that koi have. I am not a fan of the K in the center of the shirt. It reminds me of the L & S sweaters Lavergne & Shirley would wear.


LOL, but you should write the kana for ka, I think.... カ Japanese puns banzai!

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