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Justified & Amplified



great job!!! i like too much!


so much detail on the backround but not enough on the guitar, it's like sound of music meets Bon Jovi. I agree about the electric guitar.


Nuns rock!


Dominique-nique-nique. You know the nun that wrote that song ended up killling her self?

Clean design.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I couldn't give a crap about the message, all i know is this design and its subtle wonderfulness is music to my eyes! I don't mind it's an acoustic guitar, because that makes the whole thing even more surreal as to why she'd wanna hook that up to such a monster system to begin with. For nuns about to rock, we salute you! 5$

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

hahaha, ace

MikeHarding profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments :)
The acoustic guitar was used on purpose, because I wanted the Nun to be ordinary and I thought it worked better for the humour in the image.
I can't help but think that everyone with a message to get across must fantasize about yelling their message from the rooftops (or via a stack of amplifiers in this case), even if only secretly. And who is less likely to carry out such things than a Nun?

p.s. sorry the link didn't work up top. -- you'll have to copy + paste to see the big version.

herky profile pic Alumni

the colors and large print size are ace, nice work.



kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I think the humor is lost if it was an electric guitar, javguerre.


MikeHarding, I hope this one makes the grade, I'd buy it for sure!
I bet people who casually glance at the shirt in pasing would get a bit of a jolt the moment they notice that it's loudspeakers in the background!

rock on


haha this is hilarious


another faceless people design, but as cool as hell, hehe


Love the contrast of the cables contrary to the amps blending into the shirt color. Nice.


It's Sound of Music meets Live Earth. I love it.


It's hard to see a lot of the design on the dark shirt. The amps blend in too much. The design itself is amazing though.

MikeHarding profile pic Artist

Cheers Frickenawesome! Feels good to get back in the ring. Here's hoping for a whole lot more in the near future ;)

Thanks for all the comments everyone!

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