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Just say what you think... by angelito on Threadless
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I think it would look good if you move all of "I think" to the right, so the 'I' won't be cut off and the letters will be put together better

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I'd like to see it bigger, but it's pretty easy on the eye nonetheless.

melh696 profile pic Alumni

awe, i think yer nifty too!

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is nice and i think the awkward type placements work with the theme of teh comp




this has got adorability

hogboy profile pic Alumni

this is awesome.... great colours & retroness

mj00 profile pic Alumni

I find it most awkward that this is a slogan. The design itself doesn't seem awkward to me. I kind of wish you had made the entire Nifty message visual.

I hope this doesn't sound overly harsh, but the type is reading more as incorrect than as awkward. The space in think doesn't seem very intentional (if the "th" or the "ink" were raised or lowered, this would look much more like a decision than an accident). Ditto for the space between "y" and "ou're". Plus, the flourish style bar on the F needs to be either more elaborate or not used at all, because the curve seems wrong somehow. There's a similar issue for me on some of the outer curves, I feel like I can see corners that shouldn't be there (look right under the N to see what I mean).

(I'm not saying this is a bad shirt, by the way- it just seems unresolved to me.)

ladykat profile pic Alumni

I really like it! As others have mentioned though, the spacing is problematic - it doesn't come across as intentional (and I keep expecting to see a hidden message, but for the life of me can't find one - unless there's something about ink?).

But since that's an easy fix, and I can see past all that... I'll vote on the adorableness and wearability. So, when it's printed - just even out the spacing and make it larger. K? :-D

mezo profile pic Alumni

Oh yeah? Well I think YOU are the cat's meow. FACT!


The "I" (in "I Think") is a problem for me - it's really hard to tell that it's there. And without it, the slogan doesn't make much sense. lol


Cool. 5$


"I just wanted to say, without ulterior motives, or any hope of
reciprocation, but in total and complete honesty, that I think you are beautiful"

5 USD or 54.2902 MXN

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

nice! with all the different elements you managed to still make it into one smooth design. I agree with Bramish: bigger is better!


oooh, this is very nifty indeed... 5$

Frank Vice

the kerning between the Y and O in "you're" and the kerning between the H and I in "think" are making me cringe

with that said, i like the style :)

staffell profile pic Alumni

I think that's the point Frank, the kerning is supposed to be wonky.

fucking yes 5$

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

good stuff


i think it's swell! :P


very nice! love simple.


yeah, i agree with frank vice, the kerning is bothering me a bit, but its very cute :)


I like this.

herky profile pic Alumni

very nifty and spiffy design indeed.

Lupencia profile pic Alumni

lovely and sweet!

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