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kooky love
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This is my collaboration with my friend, JELLYTANK.

Original idea & concept : kooky love
Penciler : JELLYTANK
Inker & colorist : kooky love

Let's enjoy it, guys!


LOL I didnĀ“t know Alumni were so bad ass!
Very cool Kooky!



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Great work always $5


$5 kooky!!!

fat pigeon

HAHA, That's Awesome!


awesome always !!!!!!


that's cool!! nice work!


At what point does he put out that raging drape-fire in the first frame?


it shows that alumni had a great imagination even in critical situation. LOL

great collab kooky!


Great storytelling! You rule.


You and Jellytank rule.


I just wish it didn't seem so squished together and maybe a few less windows of action poses, because it's a fantastic idea and a great collab between you crazy ass kiddies! nice alumni club reference in there too for the Threadless nerds to get as they pass by you with this shirt on after a hopeful win.


Great illus!!!



creative fisheries

Very cool. Unfortunately the hands in some of the frames were not done so well


cool shit. a lot is goin on here, but i cant say anything bad about it. its just great artwork.


there are too many colours, and i don't mean that by threadless' standards, just about the design. all the crazy gradients and patterns, ugh. i don't know if hero comics are actually being coloured this way nowadays, but if they are i'm glad i ain't reading em.

you might argue that it all comes down to personal preferences but old coloured comics are so much nicer graphically, and i think taking some inspiration from the way they colour would greatly improve this design.

Monkey III

well done guys!


very nice history. 5$

Matt of 7and34

Too complicated and busy for a shirt, and a little hard to follow the flow of events too. I don't know how you'd print it with their color limitations. I'd actually like to see it in just black, white and red - similar to all the KMFDM art. I think simpler would make it better.

kooky love
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Thanks guys :)

This will be printed with simulated process. So there is no problem with the "too many" colors.


It does seem a little bit busy, only because you have to look at it a little longer to get the whole concept, but I like it. $5


The panel placements are really clumsy and it's hard to tell what's going on from a storytelling point of view. I don't know which panel to read next, also, I don't know if it's too many colors for a submission or not, but they are all way too saturated.

Oh, and this totally reminds me of that terrible episode of Are You Afraid Of The Dark with the kid who draws comics and has the " For BIG Mistakes" eraser... just throwing that out there in case anyone else gets a similar vibe.

kooky love
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Thanks for your support, guys :)

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