Just Don't Let Go...

Design by designbyag

Just Don't Let Go... by designbyag on Threadless
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It does NOT look like he's being hung. Geezus.

I think I rather see stars instead of the... planets? Still gets $5.


but I like it!!!


Designbyag... hah. Yes. Smartass. LOL But, you know what I mean. The "typical" look of a star. Like I said, regardless, I think it's a great design. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. =)

aled profile pic Alumni

Stars are not planets - they are stars. Cute design despite the misleading astrology lesson!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

i love your style, ag. i'd want it on purple. $4


its so cute. i love it. $5. where'd you get the idea? it made me think of the chinese/japanese folk tale about the rabbit in the moon that makes ricecakes.

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