Just add spoons...

Design by Brat Worst

Just add spoons... by Brat Worst on Threadless
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i dont really like the text there, but i thinkthe spoons are necessary to keep in the design. what if you laid two spoons on one of the pots like drumsticks rest? it needs a stool too.


this is awesome

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Haha this is funny.


I would buy this shirt! I would then make the sexiest man I know and love wear it, for he is an amazing drummer!


I think the pots and pans drums are drawn perfectly, it's actually easy to tell what they are. The text is alright, but I think it could do with just a picture of the two spoons crossed. Great idea and design overall. 4


great idea.. nice one 5

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

this blows my mind. I'm sure you don't believe me, but it blows my mind.

Anyways, nice idea. :)

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