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It doesn't look anything like Felix, or Krazy Kat, for that matter (and it's 'maim' - Mame was a stripper.)

This is a lovely shirt design and I want it. You've captured the style perfectly.

andyg profile pic Alumni

Awesome design! Nice job! 5


I does look an awful lot like Disney's Skeleton Dance.

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

Oh wow, I just was floored with a tsunami of nostaligia. Those sequences freaked me out as a child. I must hunt down those old cartoons. 5


i really like this - i loved those cartoons, and you've captured it perfectly.

i don't know if you're too close to copyright, or not. there were a whole buch of very similar ghost and skeleton cartoons from the thirties and forties. ill leave that to threadless staff.

but if this gets printed, i'd definately buy it.


great. i like that you're trying to revive a classic collaboration of genius with a t shirt.


i love the cat's expression!


that's so very cute.

pseudonymjones profile pic Alumni

Ahh! I love this design a lot and I'm glad I caught it in time to give it a 5$. You really captured the style perfectly, and I love the cat (did you give him a name? he looks like he really ought to have one). Even the exclamation point! Oh! How great.


artbuyer: to be true to the style, if the cat were glancing up, then you would need to change his whole facial expression to fear, and probably change his body language as well... as it is he's more in that phase of shock and attempting to blend in.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

don't know if I commented on this one before, but I really like and instantly though of the whole pre WWII genre/style

there was this old betty boop voodoo one that I saw at spike & mike, it's seriously unbelievable, so bizarre

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