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ADrabLunacy profile pic Artist

How she wishes she was a normal gal. D: Aww.

So, a monster type pinup for all of you. :D I love how she turned out. I decided to give her a bit of a vintage-y feel, as she feels like a monster you'd see in an old monster movie (I kept calling her "The Zombie Bride", actually lol). She's a bit of a mix of a zombie and the bride of Frankenstein's monster, in pinup form, which I think we can all agree is pretty snazzy. ;D

Eight colors on a black t-shirt, though it may look nice on a tan t-shirt as well (and may look nice centered more on the shirt or even right on the bottom, yay). :)

Thanks so much to everyone who helped me in critique, you're totally awesome! :D


beautiful illustration

ADrabLunacy profile pic Artist

YAY, it's up! :D Thanks so much to everyone who's scoring so far. :D And thank you to all that have commented. ;D


Love it


Nice to see that you have this up now. 5$ all the way


love this :) its sort of tim burton-esque (nightmare before christmas I'm thinking specifically). But you really make it your own with the style and character :D brilliant job!

could you do me a massive favour and score/vote my tee design for the latest competition? thanks! really appreciate it! http://www.threadless.com/submission/320414/80_s_Kind_of_Magic

ADrabLunacy profile pic Artist

Thanks so much, everyone. :D

Ghost Advocate

This is badass!Truly cool.At last a design that made me go,woooow! Could be placed a wee bit higher,definetely on black.Really nice man,kickass!

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