junior high for sheep

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I don't think it's racist. "Black sheep of the family" is a pretty common and pretty old expression.


i agree syrasha, but not everyone knows that or thinks that way. just my $0.02 though, i do like the shirt :)

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

They're just jealous cause the black sheep is way more hung.


It looks a little clip arty.

And none of them should be hung!! Sheep are female!

jillustration profile pic Artist

actually, no. "sheep" refers to the entire species. "Ram" is a male, "ewe" is a female. I grew up on a farm so i should know. So theoretically the black one could be a ram.


Minor Threat. Nice!

jillustration profile pic Artist

lol i wasn't trying to threaten anyone. i'm just a farm kid so i feel the need to correct misinformation, that's all. also, i spose i was trying to go for the feeling of alienation that a lot of people get in junior high... you're weird and we're too cool, you can't hang out with us, nah nah, thus the "black sheep". the chris farley idea would be silly, but not really my style. anyways thanks for the suggestions!


Fantastic! Love it! Nothing to do with racism at all!


The texture on the sheep is great. Did you think about using a lighter colour on the dark sheep to show up his texture too?


I would prefer if the black sheep were up higher than the white sheep, a subtle reminder that the odd one often goes farther in life than the cool one even though he's excluded. :-)


Okay, and to all who are saying this is racist. Really. Really? I can't believe you haven't heard of a "black sheep." If others haven't, that's their own problem! If they think you're racist, explain it. It's their own ignorance and touchy political correctness that keeps them from getting the joke. It's like saying "the pot calling the kettle black" is an insult. :-D

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