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soloyo profile pic Alumni

Cool Names


Funny twist, good t!


Funny, kudos! 'what do they eat instead of Pizza?!? SUSHI?!? please tell.

I imagine a RAT wouldn't be their SENSEI. so who then? and is Shredder a dog!?

so many questions..


cool! 5$

Deadporchi profile pic Artist

WOW! Thanks Guys!

For anyone interested, I did create a bit more of the story and background of the characters. Here it is :P

Trained by their anthropomorphic toad Sifu "Shard" in the ancient art of Shaolin Kung Fu; "Salvador", "André", "René" and "Marcel" use their skills and weapons - the Meteor Hammer (Liu Xing Chui), the Spear (Qiang), the Deer Antler Knives (Lu Jiao Dao) and the Saber (Dao); respectively - to fight against the evil forces of their archenemy Ripper and the recurrent alien invaders from Dimension Beta.

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