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Not feeling the pink burst. Should have made different kinds of cats (after all, cats of fortune represent different fortunes based on the breed of cat they are. Typically they are a male calico cat because they are very rare, but cats of fortune can be white, black, red. pink, or gold). Also, if the left paw is being raised, it means the store's owner is inviting in customers; if the right, the store's owner is inviting in money or good fortune.)

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

how did this go up before our tea rex?


oh boy, you guys really do have yellow fever! big ups to you man


By the way, this shirt kicks ass!

5 and BUY

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

The mango dipped in vanilla frosting strikes again!


it's cute
i love "rock n roll"

renfrue profile pic Alumni

$5, i love this long time


maybe you could fade the pink burst a little, use halftones to do its justice or something, i like the idea of having it but it just seems too overly powerful

death by daifuku

J-Rocks my world - diggin' the pink burst - it's purrfect.


Heh heh. Know this Chinatown real-world feline well. My mates and I call its the drum n bass cat. Think the battery-operated arm movement suits dnb better but the rock twist is nice ;)
I say pink burst on the white girly tees only. Others look great as is. This shirt would sell really well in Melbourne, Aus.

renfrue profile pic Alumni

try the burst in that dotted thing you used in the N3WG sub


$5 Awesome idea, make it a bit smaller I think.


awesome on the grey or blue, but yeah either tone down the pink burst or lose it i think. 5 and buy!


you so azn, J-Ray.

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

Without the pink burst the best


Rock 'n' roll lives on.
5 and $.


I'd buy w/o pink burst.

Montro profile pic Alumni

RAD!! $5


I'd have put the symbol for N on a line by itself and left out the little Tsu that ties Ro and Ku together to make it say "Roku n Roru", but I guess it still works.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

I like j-pop better. =P

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Alumni

I think you are not steal any design, you just trying to make this Japan Lucky Cat more funny. Nice job!$5


Okay, I like this shirt, but as an asian studies major, you know what would be epic?

If the manekineko was holding an LP or a CD in its down paw instead of a coin as usual, and its extended paw was still doing the horns.

Awesome anyway.

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