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i actually moved about 10 feet away from my screen. good stuff


Is that supposed to be Jesus or the Mona Lisa?

Regardless. I like it! :)

But is this some type of Religious statement? Like Jesus is so ugly that he has to have his face censored?

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You should have done it with actual tetris pieces instead of just pixelating an image, it would have looked much better.

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Funny. Wasn't there also a website doing stuff like this. Like that you had to guess each week what the image was? Anyhow, it's new for threadless I think. Nice.

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just squint and you can see who it is.

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pixelated jesus? what's the point? is it really meant to have something to do with tetris?


At first when I saw this shirt I was kind of thinking, 'What is HE smoking?' but when I actually tried it it was pretty dang cool. I love it!


this aint tetris..


Possible new title : Jixus
( Jesus + pixel = Jixus )

Great low resolution image of the popular
image of Jesus but . . .

. . . as a Jew faithful to the Mosaic covenant
he would never have cut his beard
and he would have kept his hair short
except on both sides of his head.

Leviticus 19:27
" 'Do not cut the hair at the sides of your
head or clip off the edges of your beard. "

1 Corinthians 11:14
"Does not the very nature of things teach you
that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him,"
The Nazarite vow had men growing their
hair long, but Jesus was a Nazarene ( from the
town of Nazareth ) not under the Nazarite vow
since he drank wine.


Great T shirt, i love pixelated jesuses...


to Kurticus Maximus :

Yep, most artists depict Jesus with
long hair and most Americans
still believe Christopher Columbus
was trying to prove to everyone that
the world is round. Feel free to check
out the second half of the page at

Ya gotta start somewhere when getting
the truth out and that's all I'm doing.

I did say, "Great low resolution image
of the popular image of Jesus . . . "


to grapefruitmonkey,

No need to get all wound up.
We're all having a good time
and trying to leave constructive
and respectful criticism for Pee Pee's
benefit. He's big enough to take 'em or leave 'em.

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pardon me but who is the image?


Are you guys really getting upset over my
comments? C'mon, I'm just shooting for
historical accuracy for physical depictions
of Jesus ( if you haven't gathered from the
image that the design is of Jesus then just
look at the title --> Jetris = Jesus + Tetris ).

What's the problem? Are comments on Jesus'
appearance too DEEP for you? Are quotes
from the Bible that upsetting? The design
is clever and I scored the design above average,
but I think throwing in historical accuracy
would take it up another level. It sounds
like a lot of panties in a wad to me. ;D


helo, ANY evidence of intelligence or learning gets shat on pretty quickly around here. Some people will always feel safest inside the smallest possible world.


to cambert,

Your blog does a good job showing
this to be true not matter which
side a person takes.


I see your point RedReplicant, but we won't
know for sure until some talented illustrators
( like you, Pee Pee ) give it shot so the "actual"
depictions of Jesus can be pixelated.

They could work off the images of Jesus that
are already popular ( no shortage there ).
Just lengthen the beard,
shorten all the hair except
the hair on the side of his head
while keeping all the other facial
features and pose/posture his head
is in and we will be seeing something
that resembled Jesus a lot more. What
makes me smile is that after the pixelation
the resulting image would be a more accurate
depiction of Jesus than any on the detailed
images of Jesus (obviously not up close but
far away - up close he doesn't even have
nostrils). So I'm thinking that people
will see the shirt from a distance and
their memory will pick right up on the
similarities in the design they have
associated with Jesus' appearance, but
there will be just enough changes for
them to realize their Jesus doesn't look
the same anymore. And the closer they
get to the shirt the more the image will
slip away from them. - - I love it !

or Pee Pee could just use Tetris pieces
and keep calling it JETRIS.


i would really, really like to have this t. please reprint!

mr. krayon

great, I love 8bit

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