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Jesus was a Streaker

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that kicks serious ass. you cant really tell it's jesus, but that's alright by me. i have mixed feelings about the drip. how about instead of a big red drip to show it's jesus, you make an old fasion hallow around his head? you know, this kind:


i think i've seen this on tv, was it a soccer game or a cricket match?




i like this without the blood


very cool! and what controversy! But it is the same as the pic hamster's pointed out.
Reminiscent of the Jesus is my Homeboy t shirts...they're funny


Michael O'Brien who is now a respectable stockbroker from Melbourne, Australia, was the first man to run naked across a rugby pitch way back in 1974.

For years the helmet, belonging to Constable Bruce Perry, had been on display at St James's Rugby Club in west London where it has been artfully attached to a lifesize photograph of Mr O'Brien.

The helmet which belonged to policeman Bruce Perry was auctioned for charity in aid of the Wooden Spoon Charity, which supports injured rugby players and under-privileged children.

Mr O'Brien, recalling the day when he stripped off and ran across the pitch during the England v France match in April 1974, said recently: "I was ... up for anything but even if I hadn't been, I don't think I had much choice. If I had refused to do the streak my friends would have ripped my clothes off and shoved me on to the pitch."

PC Perry, however, would rather forget the entire incident. He remembers patrolling the ground near a group of spectators who were planning to streak across the pitch. The next thing he knew a naked man was running towards him. He said: "I had to cover him up somehow, so I used my helmet. I remember one thing very clearly. It was a cold day and I can tell you he had nothing to be proud of."

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

Thanks for the history lesson Ewan.
Yes this is a famous photo, much like sumocat13's "McRevolution" was from one of the most infamous photographs of the 20th century:
which was turned into a stamp:
and even a statue.
Thanks for the comments people, I do realise this was a very quick rush job, and I have redesigned it in nicer colours, removing the drip and adding the halo that deadpuppy suggested, which incidently was to be on the original but in my haphazard rush I forgot :/


crown of thorns is better than a halo..........maybe?

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