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it's buddy jesus.. might have some issues :)


hilarious......jesus looks a little too comical/ but good work and got me laughing....u should have waited to explain it, let people guess


the other 2 comment peole are's a statement dumbasses


Kontribute said: "technically its 'the buddy christ'"
slaps head thats righ.. christ.. jesus.. jesuschrist.. who really cares :)

beebopface said: "blah blah blah retardedness blah"
slaps beebop fuckup, fool.


KID_Z profile pic Artist

jesus! we all know it's the buddy christ. it was just supposed to be a joke. i know threadless probably wouldn't make it i was just having a little fun.

cintrao profile pic Alumni

It's funny, and you did it you're way. It works for me!

Dirty Talk Forum:

A big fat 'Thank you' to all of you who posted all thouse funny links related to this design, you've gone throgh a lot a trouble just to get KidZ crucified for having a sense of humor, but it must be doing you all mutch good!
Don't loose faith! And for the love of God, be good to eachother!

Ava Adore

came up with this fast.


Kid, soz dude, I know u were just jokin.. my only comment was "it's buddy jesus (christ - whatever:).. might have some issues". I was then abused by saddam (who I am now well aware is just a troll intent on trying to stir up some attention), to which I responded with the images :)

Yeah I think it's funny, no I don't think It'll be made into a shirt (but I really hope your drum-bear does) :)

KID_Z profile pic Artist

yeah ava adore, i did this during my lunch break. ps you've got some stylish stuff. i wanna see more. rumoko i know it might have some issues, maybe i shoud've put wacko jacko instead of jesus? i hope my new drummer bear gets made as well. thanks for all the comments guys. have fun

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