Jesus goes for gold

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Jesus goes for gold by Pee Pee on Threadless
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Wow, Coldseptemberx3 is clearly a true christian!
The shirt is a hilarious idea but the execution would need to be a a bit better for me to buy it. Voting 4 for the laugh and your courage though.


I love this. very daring.


oh, may God damn your soul for making me want this. Gimme! I really love it. $5.


Hilarious shirt, pisses off the jesus freaks, a plus. But its kinda sick. I still love it though. Hell I'd buy it! but its not gonna get printed cause of all the jesusites taking down your average. I'll give you a 5 to help though.


I can totally hear him going that!

Mrs. Owl

No. And on so many levels.


IF you drew Jesus the same way as the little judges, it'd be way better.

mezo profile pic Alumni

This design is amazingly glorious and made me pee in my pants a little.

Just nix the Olympics logo and you have comedy gold, frankincense, AND myrrh.

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

Offensively delicious. 5




the only thing i've got to say is, JC'd better watch his back when it comes to those Romanians, they are the masters of the rings...

i think STG pointed out earlier, but ditch the Oly rings on the judge's table with something else...


benny breaks, at 12:07pm on Dec 19, 2005
...why does everyone seem to focus on Christianity when they bash a religion?

--I was just going to ask that.

BlameTheSuburbs, at 12:12pm on Dec 19, 2005
Because its less offensive and more appropriate to bash the religion that you are most familiar with.

--I disagree. "more appropriate" -is it EVER appropriate to "bash" a religion?

I think the shirt's funny, but very tastleless. $0

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Jesus jokes are so dumb and leads the joker straight to the burning flames o' hell. but this (and the presentation) is fucking funny.


Yeah, i think it's a little too easy to offend other peoples Deities. Clever design, just inconsiderate to others ideals.

Ava Adore

wow alot of comments.
nice design


..and the dismount?... he's got to have a good landing to score the tens. And don't go telling me it's happening in three days!

staffell profile pic Alumni

oh wow this is incredible. this is like a blog out of the blog forum.

staffell profile pic Alumni

also, this is the best shirt ever.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Wouldn't it be a HOOT if the judges were holding up scorecards which read "6" as opposed to "10"?!

mezo profile pic Alumni

...or would that be TOO too much?


mezo - the score cards reading 6 6 6 would be great!


It really upsets me that all christians get looped into the all "I hope you burn in hell for all eternity" thing. Yeah it pisses me off.
The design is clever, but I don't think I'd wear it.
(I also feel horrible for thinking that it's hilarious, but oh lord, it is sooo funny)


I. Love. it. I would wear it in an instant. I admit I would wear the one with the stove before this one, but that's just me.

Christ, what a bunch of cry babies.


Oh yeah, I wish the judges were done in a more realistic way. Thx!


I'm not a Christian, it's just lame and not that funny, 'brave' or outrageous. The drawing isn't that great either.


it's alright but a bit tastless and disrespectful towards christians


That's... just a little fucked up.

staffell profile pic Alumni

did i mention that this was the best shirt ever?

i love all 98.05 years of you Pee Pee. Legend.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

a cheap pun poorly drawn, using controverial material to sell.
sorry to be harsh, but with all the praise for or against, i felt i needed to add the backlash...this aint no big thing


oh wow, you thought of a Jesus joke! too bad you didn't bother to think of a clever or remotely tasteful one.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Tesko said it best. Obviously just trying to offend people and not really thinking out the design too much.


I take it Pee Pee is either from... or has been to Prague... I thought copying i scheating

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

"xdork, at 5:22pm on Dec 22, 2005

ahaha i would deffinitelly wear this

jesus has enough followers, he needs a few more haters. "

Why must hate him?


o THIS one actually IS offensive!


Oh god, someone's house is going to get bombed for this.

But even that's not going to be as hilarious as this shirt.

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

so many angry jesus lovin teenyboppers here..... Remeber they're actually givivng Christ PERFECT 10's. You know how ridiculously difficult that is to get in an olympic sport? This shirt has come to praise Jesus not bury him.


These people are ridiculous.
This is an AWESOME design and idea.
I really hope they print it.
I would buy it in a heart beat.

Good show.


I want to thank everyone that is SO OFFENDED right now for giving me such a good laugh.


OH YES! This is SO my shirt. Printify NOW!

Fiven + $.


lol this should have scored way higher :[


Please do not take Coldseptemberx3 as a representation of Christians. It's people like him/her that make all of us look bad. I really don't like any artist's representation of Jesus, mocking or not. Sorry.

staffell profile pic Alumni

I love you Pee Pee - and now you've been printed as well haha

sonmi profile pic Alumni


kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Hey THREADLESS, <del>I'm</del> we're still waiting for this to get printed. Step on it!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Hey Threadless, I hope you get the message. Print this now now now!!!


Make fun of Christians all you want, but leave Christ alone. At least when he is being tortured.

No, I didn't find this funny, and yes, I and most other Christians do have a sense of humour.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

OH YEAH! The long wait is finally over!!


hahahaha funny


he wasn't being tortured. i thought he accepted this fate to wash away the sins of the world.

unfortunately, the world keeps on sinning.

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