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apy - you've got lots of new stuff one after the other, your designs are fun.


i'm not crazy about the speakers... but it's an awesome illustration...

Perudoesitbetterthanu profile pic Alumni

it looks awesome...i think it would look alot better around the top left/right near the shoulder....and i wouldnt have so many repeated tapes...i think maybe three is enough..overall very sweeet.


i really like the illustration, but i'm personally a fan of the design being in the middle of the shirt. i give a 4 regardless!


great idea, i really like the color scheme. for some reason the jelly fish on the far left seems kinda out of place, it might look less crowded without that one.


NICE! Maybe a little smaller? Try another color shirt. Like a brown or yellow? Love the idea though, I'd buy this. $4

Terry Citizen

move it on up to the top right of the tshirt and I'm sold. nice design.


I hate, loathe, despise white shirts because I immediately spill something on them.

I agree with Lt Major Burns:

'on a dark bluey-greeny shirt (oceanic), centred, lose everything else except one jellyfish, and i'd have it. i don't like the background, it cheapens it.'


Those circles are WAY played out.


I'd love this shirt on a color (something to contrast with the blues), with higher or centered placement. Very cool design (wish I'd seen it while it was being scored on!

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