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Peters not economically viable

I like the size. If it was any smaller than it would be difficult to see her face. Good color choice. I'd buy this.


what is going on w/ her right arm?


very well done. i like it.


Interesting design. I'd like it alot better if her skirt was a bit shorter and the jelly-fish-ness started a bit higher up. Also, I agree about her right arm being odd.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

This is gorgeous!


Her right arm looks like it's backwards.

I think you should take the jellyfish concept further. As is, the bottom of her dress is a jellyfish, but nothing else. There should be more jellyfishness, maybe in her arms or something, or the way she's posed (floating and relaxed, rather than sitting).


Nice idea... I think the girls form could use a little bit more "floaty grace".


I'm thoroughly digging the design and colors! However, her right arm makes me cringe a little-- it looks like it's on backwards! That's just a small amount of line work, though.

I'd buy it. :]


so this week's fad is jellyfish...


I think it would be nicer if the girl herself were on an angle. And the tentacles were straight.


Usually I don't like the "girl on a shirt" designs, but this is lovely. The lines are so fluid. Very pretty.

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