Jazz's Darkest Hour

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Jazz's Darkest Hour by NGee on Threadless
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Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I know the colors limited you, but it would have been nice if the graffitti popped a bit more.

And I'm a huge transformers fan, so I knew it ws jazz right away, but I think for the contests, a more iconic vehicle would have been better, either primes '77 freightliner or Hot Rod's futuristic car mode... and having it up on cinder blocks would help convey the state of dissarray.

all that aside, for my vote, a 4. I love transformers refferences done properly, and this is a great illo.

NGee profile pic Artist

africa boy - My link to the topic is that Jazz was a hero and has fallen to an addiction (I chose to read heroine as an addictive substance in this case)

Papaprime - thanks, I thought Jazz's personality probably fits better with my theme.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

more like you just wanted your sub up in one day.

NGee profile pic Artist

Dang! You got me, I just couldn't wait.

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