Japan's New Dress Code

Design by Operator

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ha. awesome. i'd wear this.

ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

Does anyone else see 5 colors?

Black, white, red, grey, peach...? I don't think this could survive without any one of these colors.


Ugh...people going "oooh, Asian chicks" smacks of creepy fetishes to me...


what? wtf news are you reading? It's the Toyota company that's changed their dress code, not the whole coutry. of Japan.

Operator profile pic Artist

Wrong. Sorry. It's a Nationwide Campaign. Go to news.google.com or news.yahoo.com and search for "Koizumi dress" or "Japan dress down" or .. well.. you get the idea ;) You'll also see some articles about tie-makers concern over the new campaign, heh.


Ahh. I see. I like th eidea, the design is relativley decent, but i don't like the scale or style of the text. The characters are well done, but i think the background is a bit uninspired. I'd like to see a few more variations of this before I'd consider buying it


Haha, like the tribute. Design doesn't flow as smoothly as I would like though.


That's so cool.

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