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nice presentation. but the design itself ain't that interesting... too bad :(


hehe, that's scary and well done, wouldnt wear it though!


sorry dude, 0 for the presentation. it did not help the design and was annoying having to wait for it to finally appear. funny jackalope, though. i would say lose the text, but some might not get it?


HAHAHA! Not bad design! The presentation is good, but too much wait for the Threadless voting process. 4


Um...just display the damn T-Shirt already.


the presentation is shithouse, if im scoring 100 designs i dont want to fuck around waiting for yours to come up.


Just because you can create a gif slideslow presentation like that doesn't mean you should. Making people wait 5-10 seconds to see your design will hurt you in the long run. It's like websites with splash pages. They may look cool, but most web designers will tell you it's a big no-no.

Anyway, the design isn't bad, but I don't think I'd wear it.


oh no

mayor mccheese

I think it's funny. Why would your vote be informed by its presentation? The shirt doesn't come with a presentation. But speaking to presentation - I was annoyed until I saw what the design was, then I laughed. It was worth the wait, I thought.


Whatever dewd, thats awesome!


The shirt never came on :(

I would give a zero but I'll skip without scoring because it might be my computer


made me chuckle. The presentation was a little long - not too long to reem the designer out. I'd make the design a little smaller, the thought of having MJ (post opp after post opp) on my tummy makes me feel more like a victim than a fan...


Orange~On~Orange on Feb 26 '07 I apologize to those who feel that I've wasted their time. I am new to this community and my aim was only to amuse and to put my design in a theatrical context; certainly not to "piss-off" anyone. In future submissions I will forgo this kind of treatment. Thanks to everyone for their feedback, I appreciate it.

Aww man... Here I was getting annoyed at the intro (although not pissed off) and then I read your comment about being new and eager to please and all.... and now I feel bad for even being annoyed. hahaha
Aside from that, although it is a clever idea I couldn't wear Wacko Jacko on my body. At least not without a couple glasses of tainted wine under my belt first.


I really like the shirt. Yeah, the presentation was annoying, but lay off guys.


It takes at least 6-7 seconds before it gets to the design. That's too long. There's certainly something to be said for presentation, just make sure the design is the first thing people see.

Monkey III

props on presentation too!

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