Jack Sparrow

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Jack Sparrow by theurbanraptor on Threadless
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valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Needs more British T-Rex

Why is that showing up on everyone's design??


mexicore thinks he/she is making a statement, but doesn't how many spammers we've ignored before.
anyhoots, i think the style is a lot better than your previous subs, but the fact that it has JS on it just doesn't appeal to me (whether it be jack sparrow or jack shit), and w/o the JS it is just a bird w/ a hat. i don't know what to tell you besides, i hope you use whatever style this is on your next sub.


I really like the illustration and idea behind it, I think Jack Sparrow has to be on the design somewhere, otherwise it doesn't make much sense, and would look better if the J was slightly to the left of the sparrow, instead of covering it. Like the bottom left design on cream best.


Without the title no one would get it?! It's a sparrow pirate with the initials "JS," for crying out loud!

Your birdy is adorable.


It's one of the better takes on a pirate/jack sparrow designs I think. I'm not sitting well with the color choice though... so a 4 for now.


It would be cute if it were smaller and in the top corner. I like it on black.


I loves it!!!!!!!!!!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

ni├že bird!

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