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makes me want to move to hawaii.
ostracize myself from Threadless.


Hey Dischord.

I really love that one shirt that you never submitted.
Keep up the good work.


........actually; I can do that shit.....................


Dearest Dischord,

So your a contributor?
That makes you a stamp licker.

Look here you little young homie. The game we are talking is t-shirts right?
Since when do we give a shit about who you are and what you do?
We are talking about t-shirts.

Do you wear your contributions to apple and sony on your chest? I don't see you wearing 72 page t-shirts with a feature article about some lame brain up-and-coming design slut. You are obviously bitter towards someone, not sure who, but the freudian analysis says it comes from your childhood. We can sit here and be all clever about eachothers lack of success, but lets face it. You don't know me, and I sure as hell have never heard of you. This is a site dedicated to community celebration of its members shirt designs. If your going to come to the table, you better have something to show for it. I don't care what you show, just as long as you actually show something. To prove that you are even worthy of conversation. This is something you haven't done. You dropped some mag names and some big whig corporate contributions, so where can I find these things?

I want to see issue #'s, volume #'s, page #'s and I want to see them for all three of those shit magazines you listed.

Is that too much to ask, little man?


First one to make me want to leave a comment...great work.


I am wasting precious words here, your a godamned idiot.
I think that Dischord is a friggin' terrorist.
I think he is plotting some sort of anti-social-honkie fly-off-the-handle type shit.
Has patriot act II been signed yet?
We need that shit soon for this terrorist fool Dischord.
Meanwhile.... I am gonna' try and talk him down.
You know, a lil' verbal jujitsu.

Chill bro, its not worth it.
You make yourself look really un-intelligent by conversing with us in the first place.
Goes to show you can't take a joke. And you call yourself a designer?
You are a disgrace to that profession, which I know nothing of.

The insults you speak, are but a fragrant aroma emanated by your virginal flower.
Keep it real, homeskillit.
see you on the flipside.


Are you acusing me of Keystyling?
Homie don't play dat.


D-R-A-M-A damn.... this is one of the best pieces I've yet to see.... you nailed it!!!!

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