It's Toile About You

Design by EmmyCic


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Toile de Jouy, aka "toile" (Twahl), is a style of fabric consisting of fairly complex scenes drawn in black, red, or blue, usually on off-white backgrounds.

From a distance it looks like a cute vintage toile pattern.
But up close it is far more quaint than that!

To be belt printed a darkish blue on a cream shirt.


This looks really cool, but I wish the detail image was larger. Could you post a link to a larger image?

ndikol profile pic Alumni

wow cool :D


this is really cool. makes me feel fancy.


Ah, what with no buttons or instructions, I did not know that clicking on the file enlarges the detail view.


i WILL buy this. :]


My life will be incomplete without an opportunity to purchase this!


most excellent


I'd for serious buy this


I love the humor of it. =) I'd buy

Aphte profile pic Alumni

This is great !

silverqe profile pic Alumni

Could there be any more fake comments on this thing?

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

incredible work with incredible scoring!

EmmyCic profile pic Artist

Thanks so much, everybody! :)

Silverge: No fake posts here, it's just my friends from other websites.


Mmmm, I want me one of these! $5!!!


It's actually really really funny up close. I want this shirt SO badly.


Haha, wish I had legions of fans to tote all the way to winning. Then again, I saw this on your blog first, so I guess I'm one of them voting 5!!
:) Nice work

MegP profile pic Alumni

Awesome idea ~ $5!

evan3 profile pic Alumni

i dont know if these are fake comments but overall i would give this a 2

EmmyCic profile pic Artist

I wouldn't even know how to make fake comments even if I wanted to!


Lol gosh, here's a totally real comment for a real totally awesome shirt! Hope it gets printed!! $5 all the way!


This shirt is rockin.

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

looks beautiful. would like to see the detail better


Totally love it! It makes people look twice! (Maybe even more!)


gorgeous! print it punks!

sweet n sour
sweet n sour profile pic Alumni

I dig it

sweet n sour
sweet n sour profile pic Alumni

I have been thinking of doing Toile de Jouy style pattern using my drawings for awhile I really should get round to it, doubt I will sub it as shirt design though.

I do like yours its cool and funny great stuff.


$5 $5 $5 $5!
Emmy, I want to be your meat billboard.


probably one of the most incredible ideas i've ever seen!, if only threadless sold blouses!!!


Do comments raise the likelyhood of a design getting printed? To my knowledge, they don't. Why does it matter if a comment is fake or not? You just cannot comprehend the vastness of Emmy's internet fandom. =O


Oy your shirt is absolutely fabulosa! I'd defiantely buy it! +5


fake comment alert

I love this shirt with all of my heart and soul. I want to buy it so badly I would cut off both arms and sell them to desperate arm merchants who would somehow make it possible for this shirt to exist. For we would all be topless if not for those gallantly relentless arm merchants.

Oh, I would absolutely DIE if this shirt were not made a reality. I honestly truly promise that I love this shirt. I have voted it a $5 and check marked the box that said I would also buy it as a tee, just in case people were confused about the part where I said I wanted it as a SHIRT.

Please, please, pretty please with sugar dumplings on top. Make. This. Shirt. Happen.

Thank you.

P.S. I was joking when I used the fake comment alert. And Emmy is awesome.

aled profile pic Alumni

I love this! Love your illustration style and sense of humour.


My favorite is 'stop at once, dog!'. Cute.


wow, seems like you are really promoting this well. It appears like wallpaper, over 1,000 scores already too. Anyways, it looks pretty fun!


It's really cool that Threadless fixed the presentation for you. It would look pretty as a print at a distance and be hilarious for someone examining it up close, like behind you on the bus or something.


i love this old illustration style!!
well done 5$!!

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Haha, wish I had half as many internet friends as you. Anyway, really funny idea and a charming style! :)

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

i thought it was pretty rad till i realized there are only 4 images tiled


Jinkies! 3.84! Nice score indeed.

EmmyCic profile pic Artist

What a great score! Thank you so much for voting, everyone! :)


nice score Emmy! PRINT!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni



deviantART fans, actually.


Good job, Emmy!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

deviantart has a great mob


Please do one with robots. Toile and robots, now that would be great, or maybe ninjas with swords beating up robots. So many funny toile possibilities. . .

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

congrats! :D

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni



I think you guys need to realise that Emmy here has probably introduced more people to threadless then any of us combined using legitimate techniques that threadless actually encourages.

So well done Emmy and congrats on the print.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

sjem on Dec 26 '09
I think you guys need to realise that Emmy here has probably introduced more people to threadless then any of us combined using legitimate techniques that threadless actually encourages.

And that matters to me from an artistic sense why? And I checked a random 5 or 6 of these people Emmy "introduced" to our wonderful threadless world, and very few had scored more than 2 or 3 submissions since this one and have not subbed any slogans or designs.

This could be a very cool print if it was put on the shirt in a more interesting way and not the same scene tiled over and over again, but please don't use that mode of thought to legitimize this piece.

And of course, congrats to anyone who gets a print on Threadless, it's a mighty accomplishment no matter what i think of the product!


Hey FnA - you're quite right, from an artistic sense it means nought. I think the score on this tee is greatly exaggerated too, I'm just making the point that Threadless has a vast amount of experience in deciding what does and does not print, and they have made the call on this one. I also reckon maybe 1 out every 50 people who Emmy has introduced end up participating further - but every bit helps.

Let me also add that I hold your input and experience on Threadless in the highest regard so it's great to chew the fat over this kinda thing with you.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

sjem, you're probably right about the 1 in 50 people even though like i said that doesn't factor into what prints or doesn't from an observer's view (or course I want Threadless to do well, but still), and as for holding my opinion in the highest regard, even i don't do such a thing! hehe. Yeah man, spirited debates are why i love this place.

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

I totally need a deviantart account

jublin profile pic Alumni

I think it's great! Reminds me of a naked&angry shirt I have done by Ray Fenwick. I hate it when threadless becomes whiney and elitist if someone new gets a high score and uses their fanbase to an advantage. It's embarrassing.


Congrats on the print!
This is hilarious. I used to have a job scanning fabrics like this for a company's web images. If I could, I would buy one for everyone at the old job.


i knew it! you are part of the Cicierega family, associated with the "Potter Puppet Pals"... thats fun. thats the "other websites" peeple.


Yay Emmy! Can't wait to see what else you bring us.


hahahhaa wow the drama. I'm just happy to see that someone who's outside of the normal circle of printed artists can jump in and get printed too.

By the way, I totally did a double take when I saw this name...

Neil Cicierega, her brother and creator of potter puppet pals?

That's funny, we have an internet celebrity sibling printed on Threadless haha


i love you


This makes me SO happy. Would you consider selling this design as a fabric on Spoonflower? I would buy it, instantly.


Ten out of five!!!

ndstillie profile pic Alumni

I still like it. Good job.


Best tee of the year!!!!

staffell profile pic Alumni

Hi, just to reiterate that this is not the best tee of the year but a popularity contest winner.

mikey warpso

wow really? best of the year? it's not funny, ironic, or well drawn. she must know ALL the voters I guess


mikey warpso: speak for yourself

congrats emmy! cant wait for your next design

walmazan profile pic Alumni


Skap 1er

HAHA! it's just funny to me that people here had a problem with you getting friends to vote for your design. You got printed. It's already been re-printed. You've won a BESTEE award, AAAAAND it was chosen as one of the Havaiana prints!!! Amazing. Eat that haters!!! Oh and ISABOA, toile is always tiled...duh


It was an adventure reading all these comments and it's so freakin awesome that you got bestee awards and stuff, how cool is that!


Ugh. There were so many better designs.

thedeetzes profile pic Alumni

wow more success in 3 subs than I've had in over a year! I just can't imagine what your reaction to getting all this money and attention so fast was. I love this and hounds tooth. I own both.

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