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Excerpt from "Call me Dracool, memoirs of the count". Recorded on 3-18-1985 at a Sizzler in Albuquerque.

the following is an unedited excerpt from my candid interview with the count concerning an unfortunate shipwreck experience with his traveling partners, frankenstein, king tut and an un-named zombie.

"so ... there we were the whole fuckin lot of us sittin in the raft floating to satan knows where. I am draped under my cape trying not to catch on fucking fire, the zombie is waving around a paddle like an idiot trying to fish his rotten arm out of the water. King fucking tut is sitting there mumbling to himself trying to wring out his stinky fuckin rags - looking back it sounds funny i know, but at the time we were all so fucking pissed off. And then - like he had a mother fuckin epiphany, frank says "you know its kinda ironic"

I swear if he wasn't a god damn mountain I woulda planted that fucking oar right between his fucking crooked eyes.
Ironic, dumbshit makin a stupid fuckin joke like that - at a time like that. Of course he was talking about us, a buncha fuckin dead guys, sittin in a LIFE raft wearing fucking LIFE jackets "

hand me some fuckin jo-jos and we need another pitcher of high life over here


FANTASTIC!! 5$, hands down.

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

Yo yo yo! $5 ho

Edword profile pic Alumni

it's up!
nice job!

Cactus Pirate Jr.
Cactus Pirate Jr. profile pic Alumni

The artist statement made me laugh out loud.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Print this please now! $5

ISABOA profile pic Artist

hey! it's up! - thanks for the nice comments -

large version here for DETAIL


kickin' concept !

I wish Dracula had an umbrella so we could see his undead face

herky profile pic Alumni

great characters and colors, my favorite is Frankie.


It's a great idea brilliantly executed in my view.


I love this. I pray to Satan that it gets printed.


ISABOA profile pic Artist

thanks guys - it is always great to get feedback

maybe I am alone in the woods on this but when people say things like "it's ironic" or "touche" in situations that are not or very slightly applicable.... I find it hysterical - but this shirts irony is just for the wearer - a little snigger for a bad day - and really its kinda ironic that it is not very funny, no?

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

HAHA. F-ing awesome!


i love the 'classic monsters'



so much funny!


LOL!!!!! That was very funny! $4
The design could be a little better.
Agree about Dracula, he took a moment to identify. Give him a Batman umbrella! =)


Maybe you could print the story on the back of the shirt too! really funny, yo!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Im not sure how I feel about the colors but this is both hilarious and pretty well drawn.


draculas got a potty mouth


Yay it's up finally! $5

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is just fun, nice drawing


really cool. 4



pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

$5 ... lol I took one look at it and laughed so hard my co-worker just looked at me weird.

They illustration style is great and the attention to detail is phenominal!

ISABOA profile pic Artist

You guys are super - SUPER I SAY!


nice! I don't like it on blue though..but I know that it has to be on blue .. but not this shade for sure.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

a perfect great idea! 5$

mezo profile pic Alumni

Here is where I get brutally honest. Upon first view of this, I chuckled and liked it ok. It's the muted colors that are not wowing me and some of your details get lost (I thought the cape was a body bag & Frank's tan-orange shirt clash against the orange of the life vests and boat). My finger was ready to score this a 3. Then I saw your artist's statement and started craving a bottle of the champagne of beers. So what if it's 9:30 am? 5


I like the colors. The monsters didn't know the boat was going to sink. They wouldn't have dressed to match the occasion.

ISABOA profile pic Artist

fuck fuck

WhitneyBeth profile pic Alumni

this is fantastically well-done. LOVE hand overboard. $5.

ISABOA profile pic Artist

last day to vote this suckah

ISABOA profile pic Artist

hey - yeah - not bad at all - *pops champagne

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah not bad as always probly should have gone higher but hey take what ay can

WhitneyBeth profile pic Alumni

dear threadless,

halloween is coming up in a month. please give us all a gift on that wonderful holiday and print this shirt. pretty please?


WhitneyBeth profile pic Alumni

print now! now! NOW!!!

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