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It's just genocide...

Design by Robsoul

It's just genocide... by Robsoul on Threadless
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nice clean design.. little bit cliche though


so this is an anti UN shirt or?... wtf are you trying to say?

Robsoul profile pic Artist

I'm trying to say that the UN stands by idly while a lot of (innocent) people are brutally massacred: Rwanda, Bosnia and, currently, the Sudan. They debate "Well is it genocide, what is the precise definition of genocide, does genocide constitute action on our part?" Unfortunately this shirt is motivated by the politics of greed and racism, I know we don't like to deal with shit like that (especially on Monday morning), but... I had to post it.

Lastly, I'm pro UN but they're useless, especially when countries like the US (one of the "top five") refuses to sign international treaties that ban nasty little things, like landmines, a weapon chiefly used by terrorists, go figure!

BUHL, what I'm trying to say is it's just genocide baby and it's a testament to how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb (Dr. Strangelove). (Sorry for the really really really long explanation)

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Nice work Robosoul. I like this alot, but would only buy in the 'UN' blue. Still a 5 and buy from me.
And thanks also for the positive crit on my HVS submission b.t.w, your logo placement idea especially.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

(ASIMOV) Depending on your screen colour settings the drip may look brown, it does on my PC at work, but on my MAC at home it's orange, oh well.


Life is not protected... Really nice work...


Yo, I dig ya style homeboy and it's a pleasure 4 me to give u a solid 5 cause this people don't apreaciate a strong design with a really important message. Check out my profile, u will see there a tee that got a record on this site but they were afraid to print it. Maybe we will talk about what we like doin (on email or somethin). Till then peace and keep doin what u do !


Its beautiful. I think it would make a great hoodie as well as a shirt. x5!


I'd like it a whole bunch more without the gunshot in it.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Shit, I'm on my girlfriends computer, I was logged in under her name NOOKSAMOUR, the comment above is from me.

Anyway, thanks for your comments everyone.

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