It's Just A Summer Job

Design by mildish

It's Just A Summer Job


steven218 profile pic Alumni

clean style

creative fisheries

Brilliant design
Excellent choice of colour
BUT (there's always a but) it needs some drama. Manta was right, add some panicky people in the carriages.


yeah possible printy

jillustration profile pic Alumni

i like it a lot. $5. also, all caps on the internet means SHOUTING. so unless you're actually shouting ppl should not type in all caps (referring to above comments not design)

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

this is great! i would like to see some people on the seats though, to give this more of a festive feel. It seems too stark with no people in it and just those sillouettes on the ground, like this is some kind of ghost town carnival.


Awesome. I love this. :) $5

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I'd buy it with people in the Ferris Wheel


Really nice, but yeah, I'd love to see some people running away and trying to get out of the wheel.


good idea



if you do add people they should look anxious rather than panicky- they already know there's a giant hamster. why would they panic?



valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Hahaha, this is such a great idea! I agree with those who said it will get printed.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

colours need more contrast, works wel though.

happy tofu

I love it very much! The hamster needs a little more shading and texture though. Please do add people but NOT panicking! Just blissful little folks out riding the hamster wheel...


great idea!

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

baahaha...nice one


i love it just the way it is, DONT CHANGE IT! the shadows make it look like people are in the cars (in a couple cars the shadow travels down to the footrest, so it makes it seem like there is people sitting there). adding actual people would make it too busy


I'm in love with this design though I too would like to see the hamster with more texture.
As for adding people, I'm not sure.
Would they be scared? I suppose it depends if they knew how the ride would be powered before getting on.
If they did know beforehand, then I guess they would be enthralled.

Ava Adore

mmm def print


I'd like to see the hamster beefed up with some detail and some people added in. I think it'd be interesting to have people with both scared or creeped out and excited expressions. Because, c'mon, if something like this happened there'd be mixed reactions.


real nice clean work


FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Also, I have some ideas for your drawing style and sense of humor if you ever wanna collab sometime, email me at ....thanks duder and good luck on this one 5$

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