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schleb profile pic Artist

thanks to everyone who helped in the critique!


HEY haha that's cute!! i just thought of something like that a little while ago


inconsistent level of detail

schleb profile pic Artist

popo- i thought it would be cool really big, like you're carrying around a baby kangaroo, but size is negiotiable :)

stubbythumbs- the difference in detail is supposed to show the difference in objects. the kangaroo is supposed the look furry and the pocket is supposed to have a smoother texture.

thanks for the comments!

schleb profile pic Artist

here is a larger picture with an added shadow that i meant to include in the submission

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I like the idea. Very creative. I just don't think it's executed as well as it could be. The folds int he pocket look weird, I mean...the body just wouldn't make folds or shadows like that.
Nice try, but it needs work.


pocket size please, great!


aussie aussie aussie!


We threatened to name our girl Kanga... Kanga Reubush.

... we got a snicker out of it.

schleb profile pic Artist

brenda.e and oh.the.drama

please show where you have seen this before. otherwise i do not want people's votes to be swayed by rumors and accusations.

thanks for the comments! expect a roo remix with a fixed pocket if this one doesn't do well! (oh and size options)


i like it but it would be fine with no face shadow on pocket


How awesome would this be on a hooded sweatshirt???

schleb profile pic Artist

thanks everybody!


Nice! I was actually thinking that it would be cool to have a shirt with a wallaby on it -- mainly because I just like to say "wallaby," but this is close enough!

schleb profile pic Artist


schleb profile pic Artist

hm. thats a shame. it seems like most people don't have a problem with the roo.


Great idea, but it needs work. Roo is very nicely done, love the texture and the character of the face. The pocket needs work. The shadow reads as a black blotch and doesn't agree with the burgundy shadow behind Roo (that one's a bit sharp-edged, but it works). What are the vertical pocket colors about? I really think it is worth reworking and resubmitting.

schleb profile pic Artist

thanks! uh oh... 1 more days!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Cute! It probably could use a little more work, as blueschiz said... but definitely worth it!

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