Its Hard For Sasquatch

Design by scenetk421

Its Hard For Sasquatch by scenetk421 on Threadless
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walmazan profile pic Alumni

Don't worries my friend! I know it's a coincidence. :) and I'm sure we will see more Sasquatch in this challenge, Because I think is a usual resource who fits very well with the theme!

But I like yours, looks very nice on the tee

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Haha nice one. Great idea. His facial expression gives the feeling of genuine sadness.

YaaH profile pic Alumni


laurastead profile pic Alumni

it's ok. there's bound to be lots of similar design ideas. i love bigfoot's face! reminds me of harry and the hendersons :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

haha, love the front perspective and concept here, don't think the back is needed.

Skap 1er

i love the version where you can see his face. Although it looks much better on the left (without that orange glow) for that i'll give you a 5.
Oh and i think fabrikante is calling you a biter...haha jk.


Great shirt! $5

TeoZ profile pic Alumni
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nice design ! sits well on the tee 2 !

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