It's... BACON!!!

Design by AlexMacDuff

It's... BACON!!! by AlexMacDuff on Threadless
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AlexMacDuff profile pic Artist

Hey! Thanks for checking out my design. I made this because I love bacon. I mean, who doesn't, right? And if it gets printed, it could very well be the tastiest, most delicious T-shirt they've ever sold. If only there were a way to print it in bacon scented ink...

So yeah, this would be an all over belt print. Two color options, creme or red. To see closer detail, CLICK HERE.

Honestly I can't believe Threadless hasn't already printed something like this. Everybody loves bacon. It tastes gooood.


Love it! Bacon strip stripes. Tasty!

TOSOMB profile pic Alumni

Love Bacon!!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

The problem is every time I'd go to buy this tee, I'd get so hungry for bacon cheeseburgers I'd blow all my money at the local burger joint!


Nice work!



Jules Eff
Jules Eff profile pic Alumni

Yummy! Like the version on red.

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