It's A Hard Knock Life

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Kojima profile pic Alumni

This is the music from Austin Powers: Goldmember, during the jailbreak.

d3d profile pic Alumni

"wow, $5 for the music definitely"
i wonder what she thought the shirt was worth without it. and do you have any plans to make the actual printed shirt play music somehow?
cute design.


This is the music from Austin Powers: Goldmember, during the jailbreak.

It would be more accurate to say it's the song covered in the jailbreak sequence for Goldmember.


very cute 5$

although i'm split on whether that's erectile dysfunction or constipation.


heh, nice presentation.

tesco profile pic Alumni

what R to the Sizzle said, it would make scoring subs a horrible experience


All of your designs are so amazing. $5


This is so great! I just love this shirt. I hope you get printed.


Thanks for almost getting me fired! :)


dude, get rid of the music. it makes me want to click away from this sub.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

You definitley need a mute or stop button to kill the music. very amatuer of you to not put it in.

ignoring the music, the design is okay.


Shame about the music and the absence of a mute or stop button, I rather liked the design, but well...


I like the bean (it's a bean right?) that looks like he's pooping out a sprout!

Ava Adore

nice presentation, nice tee..
but please ppl dont all go and add music, it will be terrbily annoying

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

JayZ's version will rock this presentation even better! :)

I love your flash, too!




Kojima profile pic Alumni

^ No, Austin Power's Goldmember version would rock the house. With Dr. Evil rapping and shit. This shirt rocks!

pilihp profile pic Artist

thanks for all the comments. i knew some people would like the music and others find it annoying. i just thought it would be fun and give the design a little personality. sorry if it caused some raised eyebrows at work :)

if i do add audio in future subs, i'll add a mute or something.


Haha, that's cute. The music is annoying, though. Do you HAVE to make it replay over and over and over again?

d3d profile pic Alumni

my 5yo daughter wants me to 5$ this so she can have it for herself, so 5$


aw that one seed's trying so hard, reminds me of certain fellas with viagra prescriptions


Ha! That's cute. I think we can all sometimes feel like the little bean who can't break through.


I LOVE the way you draw!! All your shirts are so cute!! Aah!! I hope you make a bajillion more. And then some. And get them all printed. :)


The seed looks constipated, but in a cute way. =o

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