It's A Mystery...

Design by Mad-Monkey

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who cut the cheese? hah

Dexter Spandex

there's lots of little things going on here i really like. like the crazy ancient lamp post, the cheese's fishnet stockings, and, obviously, the delicious blood. i have no idea what's going on tho. has someone grated it to death?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It could use a little bit of background and a bit more focus on the main joke, but overall a Jack the Ripper-ish take on such a crude phrase, which i like the juxtaposition of these two elements a whole lot.

briancook profile pic Alumni

Yeah - the joke is great, but the lamp post in particular is too dominant in the design to me - it looks great, but takes away from the main focus of the tee. Also because it's so tall it makes for an awkward placement

Dexter Spandex

ah, ok, 'cut the cheese', american farting slang, i think?


took me a while to get it...maybe the focus could be stronger. but once i got it: hilarious! and it's a nice illo in addition.

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