Italian Chopped Salad

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Italian Chopped Salad by eladear on Threadless
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Inspired by Mob tales -- fingers getting cut off to become made-guys. Also, I was reminded of Tarantinos flick Four Rooms... and how watching someone cut a finger is worse then seeing someone get shot in a movie (laugh). And it is always important to have a good salad recipe at home, especially when you mess up cutting something else instead of the carrot.

It is an 8-color print, on sand t-shirt. I hope you like it!

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Creepy, but nice.


I've sliced into one of my own fingers pretty deep was...basically horrifically unpleasant. This while well drawn, just makes my toes curl from remembering it.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Such a nice detailed and wispy drawing for such an unsightly finger-cutting experience. If there was some tie into this being a mob boss or something clever (even some small screaming faces subtlely worked into the vegetables, or even just a tossed salad that a person is taking a forkful of that has a severed finger in it) would help out the picture tremendously.

eladear profile pic Artist

Frickinawesome - I had drawn a salad with the finger on top, but it looked too confusing as a design... and also I thought the intent was already pictured in the viewers' mind through the kitchen board and vegetables. Thanks for the comments.

eladear profile pic Artist

Sorry, for the repeated posts. I was trying to add a video into the post, but doesn't allow it.

I took a risk with this design, doing some scary... which seems to be causing that reaction. Haha. Have fun, and if you can vote a nice number, always appreciated. Thanks.

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eladear profile pic Artist

At least I'm getting a reaction.

Yak Herder

as I said in crit, i think it would work better without any blood at all, just a neatly severed finger.

eladear profile pic Artist

Was that no a yes? I want some pringles!

I remember your comment, one of the reasons why I added blood is because if you do cut your finger, it is likely to bleed. Seemed more realistic and true to the theme. Also there were other members who suggested improving the blood part, and I did that.

I appreciate your feedback. Next design I may do something completely different or maybe join the horror film industry... not sure yet. :)


well, i love this, very cook's illustrated....



little too vulgar for a shirt


I love mob movies (four-rooms popped in my head instantly!)
and nice splatter goin on there!

eladear profile pic Artist

I think Vincent Price would like this... he should vote. LOL

Thanks to everyone for the comments.


great drawing, but to clarify things up, Italians never caught off peoples fingers to become made, they just cut the finger and let it bleed over a candle and than rubbed i on a picture of a saint.

le saavs

i am so down for this. $5!

Johnny Baboon
Johnny Baboon profile pic Alumni

awesome, i totally love this

eladear profile pic Artist

Vinnylo - there are tales about fingers getting off... there are articles in newspaper about it. If it is true or not, it seems like it became a myth. I think it is better to cut off fingers of outsiders than insiders, yet all of this together inspired the piece. Among other film influences.

biticol profile pic Alumni

Ouch! Well done, then :)


omg. well, it certainly catches the eye.


i like the blood against the duller colors. 5



chippos profile pic Alumni

blood... mm naa....thanks.


good art


i like the design and the art...i just dont think that it would be good for a t-shirt....maybe a panel or something

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