It was a Moral Punch

Design by elizafrye

It was a Moral Punch by elizafrye on Threadless
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If it's centered, I'd buy it.
Those crazy Edwardian bitches...


Yep, that was my first thought as well, MelSkunk. But it's just the image of the woman punching the other that brings that to mind.

I really love your style. The colours, illustration, and everything are perfect. However, the "It was a" doesn't really seem to fit with the rest of it. But still, 5$.


wow, the ancient style is great.


Love the style, but would like to see it on a natural or cream colour top.
More central has well.


Would like to see more =)


Like the illu - a nit more work on the spacing in the text though... looks like text on top the "banner" and not part of the illu...


sweet i wouldnt wear it but i can see my girl - friends wearing it 5$

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