It Never Would Have Worked Anyway...

Design by aled

It Never Would Have Worked Anyway... by aled on Threadless
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staffell profile pic Alumni

despite hating cute designs, this is better than forbidden love


this broke my heart just a little

aled profile pic Artist

Yeah, I know! I already wrote a blog about it. Randomly I saw Impossible Love after submitting. It is similar, but not identical and there is no intentional rip off. In fairness, the idea is not very abstract or unique so the execution is the most important factor. Because there is a similar (printed) design I can't see it winning, so judge it on it's artistic merit if nothing else.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

This is better than the printed one. The printed one's cactus was bent on the top for some reason.


i would add one little tear to the cactus face


this would look amazing on natural

Ironspy profile pic Alumni

This is lightyears better than impossible love. $5

CarrieOpal profile pic Alumni

Thanks for using a 'classic' cactus instead of a 'sock puppet' cactus. I appreciate it muchly.


This is soo cute. I love it.


cute :] $5

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni

this is GREATER than Impossible Love.
it's more live
but....2 tee in the same the theme?

i don't know

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