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A new organic composition type tee

You walk and walk and walk, so fast; wherever you think your going, those shoes aren't made to last.

With feet in such a scurry there are thoughts that we forget, to notice all our hurry surrounding all our dead.

Look up, look up, look up and see, look up and see this wonderful tee.

It won't be here for long, it needn't last for good, as one day there'll be nothing where once this person stood.

3 color print on white (red, yellow, blue) or 4 color print on jade.

of1000kings profile pic Artist

Thanks pd23; Cheers.


This is beautifully done. Great job.

krisren28 profile pic Alumni

awesome lines 5$


thi s needs to take up the whole shirt.

of1000kings profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the kind words boys and girls.


giulia dF

This is awesome!!

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