It happens to all of us

Design by Laser Bread

It happens to all of us by Laser Bread on Threadless
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Laser Bread
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When I think of midnight movies, I think Freddy, Michael Myers and of course, Jason. I always thought it would be funny if Jason had to stop in the middle of a pursuing a screaming camp counselor to tie his shoes. I decided to keep the design simple and clean. Light blue ink on dark blue shirt, to convey night without having to show literal elements like the moon and tree silhouettes, which I felt would have competed with the visual. I also decided to keep the machete blood free. He hasn't claimed a victim yet, which adds to his wanting to get a move on, and makes having to stop and tie his shoe a bit more of a nuisance. I love how this design turned out. I hope you like it as well.


5 and buy. hilarious!


haha! heaven forbid Jason should trip on his shoe laces and impale himself. 4




pretty funny!


you know, this would be really cool if all the lines were embroidered

Monkey III

whuahah -- coolcool!


wow thats awesome.


Looks great on blue, not so hot on black.

Laser Bread
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Jstruan, yeah I love it on blue, the shirt on the model is blue as well, sorry if it looks black.


i kinda like it but i think it won't be funnier with the title. i dont know.


this is hilarious

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ha fucking haaaa!

Love the outline drawing giving it that hacky b-movie feel and the wonderfully mundane jason depiction here.


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