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this is really nice - good piece - not the style i would wear but my lady would love to have it

thiagob profile pic Alumni

rááááááá é 5$$$$$$$$$$


Is she wearing headphones? I had to put my face very close to the screen to determine this... but I suppose on a shirt it would be considerably larger... and taking note of that, I like this, alot. Nice job. 5.


does the text say it feels the sound?
the legs do seem a little off.

i actually kind of like this even though im not a big fan of butterflies.


WID profile pic Artist

more versions in my profile ,,

WID profile pic Artist

666 scores \,,/

plasmanter profile pic Alumni

Lovely design... Love the 1° color in your profile... :P


Love love love <3



There's some awkwardness to it: I don't dig the random writing, and like some people I wonder about the placement...but not too much, it really wouldn't work anywhere else. $4!

Nina Elizabeth

I like the color schemes and the shape of the design, etc, but the girl herself bugs me. I'd be tempted to buy it regardless, but the girl just doesn't look right. 4.

Also, I had the same thought process as ToucanSam did.


pretty cool.
nice job

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