It depends on your point of view

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It depends on your point of view by NGee on Threadless
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NGee profile pic Artist

For the flower that needs water, it's not necessarily the raincloud that brings gloom.


Its nice and a good idea. If i bought it it would be on pink.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

on black


Yes, that blak actually looks VERY good.

This is such a good concept! I might actually wear a flower on my shirt... wow, that's freaky to say. I think the idea is great, and the simple drawings make the shirt. It's rather good, mate.

$5 and a buy, fo' sho'

NGee profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments, keep em coming! piradical - I put the 'sun cloud' low as I didn't think the concept would come through so well (particularly from a distance) - thanks for the feedback though.


5 and £ - but i feel sorry for the droopy flower all on its own


I like it 'cuz so many people pull negative vibes from rain,
but during Biblical times, rain was considered a blessing
from God ( except for the Noah thing )

NGee profile pic Artist

Thanks y'all!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

fantastic point of view concept, which could be much improved by doing what piradical said and putting the white cloud up with the storm would make the entire design seem less off-balance and awkward. Still, very neat design that i would like in green.

chronically bizarre

$5 on black!

pink doesn't do this design justice. great job ^.^


I love this on black.

5 & $!


on black is better. Also agree about the rain falling on an angle /////

but don't change the position of the white cloud. Even though thit might not be meteorologically accurate, you kind of believe it could block the rain.


On black for sure =D

The Unter Schultz

I don't think the pink works at ALL Ngee... and I'm gonna go with pretty much everyone else on the angled rain too. Still, you could say I'd wear this, nice work.

NGee profile pic Artist

Thanks...nice terminology

NGee profile pic Artist

2.62 final score, so thanks to everyone who voted and commented.

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