it began from sketch

Design by yoshi andrian

it began from sketch by yoshi andrian on Threadless
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danrule profile pic Alumni

Yes, and very nice job.


I do..but I don't have a scanner anymore so end up having to redraw everything ...again

very nice =D I like the white on red color scheme =D


yoshi andrian
yoshi andrian profile pic Artist

the scketch at the bottom of the illo is my hand holding the sketch's book (the object with ring binder), to illustrate the root of the illo and the flow of the leaf as the process... thanks


Yes !

mezo profile pic Alumni

I don't know what I am looking this one of those images where you have to stare at it for 23 minutes until a 3D image pops out?

It IS pretty...I am just not sure what IT is.

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