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isthiswhatyouwanted? by aethelyon on Threadless
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Actually, the rules say this:

Make sure your design can stand alone. The purpose is to create a design INSPIRED by the theme "If You Speak Any Faster", not a June band tee. Your design should not be based off any song or lyrics on the CD, just the theme "If You Speak Any Faster". The design is not required to say "June" or "If You Speak Any Faster" on it... in fact, we'd prefer it does not.

It says specifically that they should not be based off any lyrics. Now, to me, this means they can certainly be "inspired by" but the words being on the shirt itself present copyright issues, I guess. Take it as you will...


either way ...I like it. Speaks the truth ...


KInd of busy, but nice.


I dont think this design could stand alone, without the june contest. I may be wrong. Too busy, crowded, and psychodelic for me.

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